Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Probing the Surf Zone for Red October

Huge bull redfish from surf zone during 2008 tourney
The most enjoyable way for anglers to pursue redfish in October has to be surf fishing, not only because it can be very productive for large fish cruising along the beach looking for baitfish, but also because it offers a taste of coastal life. One never knows when that first fish is going to strike, whether one minute after you cast out or maybe one hour, but that anticipation is cherished by anglers keeping a watchful eye on their rod tip while waiting at the water’s edge.

A trial and error cast or two will reveal which sinker will hold your bait in the surf zone where redfish are on patrol. If your bait washes up on the beach, it’s a sure sign of not using enough sinker weight. A bottom rig with a lead pyramid sinker and one or two hooks is a popular choice when surf fishing.

Anthony Noury at Sea Tow Charleston helps organize the annual Red October Surf Fishing Invitational that focuses on catch and release of redfish. He shares that participants can surf fish anywhere in Charleston County, with Botany Island being the southern boundary, and Murphy Island the northern boundary.

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