Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2018 Grand American Coon Hunt - Treeing Walker Wins

Tree Talken Worm - Overall 2018 Winner!
Another successful coon hunt
When the New Year rolls around, and the weather turns really cold, then its time for coon hunters from across America to return to Orangeburg. The 2018 Grand American coon hunt will take place this weekend, January 4 – 6. The United Kennel Club (UKC) sees this event as the kick off to a nationwide calendar of coon hunt competitions. American Cooner magazine is the primary sponsor of this family-friendly event that draws large crowds to view the coon hounds and go shopping for the latest hunting gear.

The coon hunters at the Grand American are competing for some high end gear as well, with the Top 20 Cast winners receiving a cash payout based on the number of total entries. The First Place coonhound wins $1000, a tri-tronics collar, dog box, Bright Eyes light, custom jacket from Dan’s, and a Garmin tracking system. Second place wins $500, Bright Eyes light, dog box, Marshall tracking system, jacket from Dan’s and a gift certificate. Third place is good for $300 and a similar gear package, with fourth place paying $200 and some gear.

Congrats to owner Dillon Bradshaw from Connelly Springs, North Carolina. His Treeing Walker coon hound named Tree Talken Worm was the Overall Nite Hunt Winner for 2018! For all the winners click on UKC.

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