Thursday, May 16, 2013

Migratory dolphin return off S.C. coast

Migratory dolphin from May 11, fish taco size!
Gaffer dolphin coming over the transom

It was the middle of May in 2013 before the mahi bit really got going strong. Signals come back to the docks about these migratory dolphin from others who have already been offshore. Dolphin are the most-pursued pelagic fish and have the affectionate nickname of Mahi Mahi. They can be anywhere in the ocean so anglers rely on these reports not only for fish reports, but for bait reports and oceanic conditions too. Everything from peanut dolphin to big bull dolphin can come from something like a weedline so this info is a key to success. Dolphin are voracious, will feed on just about anything, and are thought to be one of the fastest-growing fish in the ocean. Trolling for them is the most common method of fishing, with hungry dolphin consistently eating and and all baits in the water when they are encountered. Of course, it's a BIG ocean out there and some days you can't find them - but that's fishing! This day aboard the Palmetto Guard was a good one with a decent bite of smaller migratory dolphin that later served as a sustainable seafood supper.
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A dolphin coming to the boat means action

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