Friday, June 11, 2010

Hot Shot Charters - Dolphin Day

Captain Dick Vance took a motley crew of anglers into the deep blue ocean today in search of offshore fishing fun. Great conditions in 1000 feet of water, including a weedline and a blue / green water color change, had the charter boat captain with 30 years experience very excited. First mate Bryson Jennings was very busy and got some help from Phillip Fender, who is Captain on the Hammertime based in Myrtle Beach. Dolphin after dolphin came for the ballyhoo all day, but the schoolie or peanut dolphin were so thick that no other fish were spotted. The Charleston fleet reported the same conditions up and down the weedlines from the 226-hole and other locales. Captain Vance trolled at 7 knots and dealt with a slight Southwest wind that made the seas a choppy two to three feet. The blue water in the edge of the Gulf Stream was a constant 82 degrees. Captain Vance was a speaker at the Saltwater Seminar Series this winter with George Poveromo, and he fishes a ten-line spread with authority calling out which bait is getting hit so that a mate can handle the hook-up. "Right Short, Right Short!!"

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PhotosByJeffDennis: Michael Smith and mate Bryson Jennings with a cow dolphin; Pull a pink Lehi Squitch for all the peanut dolphin the mates can stand; fresh GREEN mahi mahi; Capt. Vance works the mousetrap and the shotgun from the cockpit

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