Sunday, June 27, 2010

2010 Carolina Billfish Classic - Results

Day Three of fishing was the most dramatic, with Caramba coming from behind to win the tournament - clinching their second straight win in the Governor's Cup Series. They released three sailfish and one blue marlin to beat Daymaker by 100 points - 1600 to 1500. The drama occurred about 2:30 when Captain Dale Lackey spotted a blue marlin in the baits from the cockpit, but this fish swam from bait to bait for a minute keeping the crew guessing what line he may or may not strike. Finally deciding to eat a Moldcraft lure, the blue marlin got hooked up on a Penn 80 reel and was released by 3 pm. This was the only blue marlin Caramba saw during the tournament and it measured a few inches short of the minimum Gov. Cup regulation 105-inches. Owner Bob Faith weighed in a tiny tuna on Friday and said, "We caught the smallest fish of the tournament yesterday, and we caught the 'biggest' fish today."

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PhotosByJeffDennis: A look inside the mouth of the first place 52.4-pound wahoo brought in by angler Matt Watson aboard Chaos reveals the last meal of a pelagic carnivore; Fat Boy's crew of Gage Blue and Chuck Forrest show off their mixed bag; Capt. Jason Woodham (on left) aboard Trust Fun reeled in this 39.4-pound dolphin

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