Friday, June 18, 2010

Fish Restaurant - Sustainable Seafood Initiative

Fish Restaurant on upper King Street was host to the patrons of the Sustainable Seafood Initiative on June 18. Fish Restaurant is a Platinum Sponsor of the S.C. Aquarium's conservation program that is headed by Megan Westmeyer. The Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SSI) promotes the use of local and sustainable seafood by chefs all around the state. The June SSI dinner consisted of four courses beginning with Baked Local Clams harvested by Dave Belanger (the clam man), and was followed by Grouper Quenell and Pan Seared Red Porgy. The clams were harvested behind Dewees Island and served with a white albarino wine from Spain that served to compliment the salty taste of the crustaceans. The grouper was served in a potato-based quenelle, and the server informed us that quenelle indicates a traditional shape of the serving, and was coupled with an Australian Pinot Gris that had a floral nose with a hint of apricot. Like the grouper, the red porgy came to the docks at Shem Creek. Red Porgy had suffered a near collapse according to the 2002 stock assessment, but have since rebounded to abundant numbers. The Red Porgy was served with summer vegetables and a spicy brown butter, and was paired with a cotes du rhone from southern France that was 50% granache and 50% syrah. Who knew porgy could be so delectable and Executive Chef Nico Romo proved that he knows how to produce real flavor from the white fleshy meat. Dessert came in the form of a chocolate French Toast served along with a sweet desert wine from Oregon. Fish Restaurant also partners with Lowcountry Local First to serve local produce, in addition to being the SSI Restaurant of the Year! Fish Restaurant is just one of the local properties owned by the Patrick family and for more information visit the Internet at More SSI click here.

PhotosByJeffDennis: Christi Hardin, Elizabeth Bender, Julie Werner and Jay Reagan enjoyed the sustainable seafood dinner; Baked Local Clams served with a cilantro gruyere cheese sauce; Pan seared Red Porgy served with lentils and summer vegetables; Fish Restaurant general manager Jodie Battles and Executive Chef Nico Romo

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