Saturday, July 19, 2014

Costa Summer Style and Harpoon Readers

See What's Out There! At River Palm Cottages!!
There isn't much more essential gear for summer style than a pair of polarized sunglasses. Coastal life is just that much more fun when one isn't fighting the glare off the water, or perhaps the seabreeze and blowing sand while on the beach.

Anglers will tell you that Costas are valuable all year long for each and every trip on the water, and professional anglers will carry multiple pairs so that they can change out lens colorations for changing light conditions.

Capt. Greg Snyder can rig DOA Lures like a Pro
shown here with Costa shades and hat
Hat, leash and cleaning cloths are all essential
Of course everyone has their favorite pair of frames, and that is largely depends on how it fits individuals across the eyes and on the head. I have worn out Costa Fathom frames in the past, but a slight design change prompted me to try a similar frame, the Costa Harpoon. I have the tortoise shell frames with grey 580G lenses, and they fit me snug over the yes without touching my skin.

These are not large wrap around frames, rather they are a good middle ground for minimizing light intrusion, yet allowing a peripheral field of vision. These shades have a stainless steel spring hinge on the arms and a rubber patch at the end of the arms for better grip when behind the ears.

New for Costa is the option to get reading glasses inserts into some of their frames, and this includes the Harpoon reader lenses. It does take some getting used too, looking through these Reader Glasses, but for those with aging eyes these lenses can greatly assist re-rigging endeavors. Because no one wants to fumble around with small knots when there are fish to be caught!

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