Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Hinckley Company - Customer Loyalty tied to Service

Captain Verlaque and On The Rocks

The Hinckley Yacht company was founded in 1928 in Maine, and they still produce everyone of their luxury sailing yachts and jet-powered picnic boats in Trenton. With the extended boating season in the Southeast, a significant portion of the fleet will migrate to southern ports, and Hinckley Yachts has a full-service boatyard available in Savannah, Georgia. 
The General Manager for Hinckley Yachts in Savannah is Dustin A. Hartley, and the boat yard is accessible via the ICW or Wassaw Sound and lies four miles from Historic Savannah. “We offer a full range of yacht services for Hinckley owners and for all other boats too,” said Hartley. “We utilize two travel lifts, one is a 35-ton lift and one is a 50-ton lift, and we can handle anything up to 65-feet in length.”

Mr. Randolph J. Friedman of Mount Pleasant, S.C. lives on a peninsula known as Haddrell’s Point which overlooks Charleston Harbor. He purchased the boat in 2004 and named it On The Rocks.

“I had always wanted a Hinckley Yacht of my own, since they carry such a distinction for quality and for beauty,” said Friedman. “When making my purchase I told Hinckley CEO Jim McManus that I was unique in that my Picnic boat would stay in full view from my home.”

Picnic Boat named Seaweed from Kiawah Island
“For starters, the Picnic boat really compliments my home, and its beauty is important to me,” said Friedman. “The lines on a Hinckley are classic and subjective, which is no surprise since the boat is designed to connect with an owner’s sense of on-the-water aesthetics. In fact, that same beauty motivates me to keep my boat maintained as best I can.”

“We have six-foot tides twice daily, and since the jetdrive only draws two feet of water we have more clearance at low tide,” said Friedman. “I also think it has a shorter beam than other 36-footers and we love spending time aboard On The Rocks.” The same sentiment among others is why Hinckley owners are very loyal, and often become repeat customers.

To learn more about the composite hull construction materials used for modern hulls, and to view a full selection of sailboats and jetboats, then visit their website at Informative videos share the experience from Hinckley boat owner gatherings, and one can purchase the coffee table book titled Hinckley Boats: An American Icon.

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