Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Lifestyle and LifeProof Phone Cases

The summer lifestyle in the Lowcountry involves the beach and saltwater at times, and dust and heat at others, and a LifeProof case can offer protection from a range of smartphone doomsday scenarios.
Dip net, hackey sack, Lifeproof case and dry box;
Getting ready for a day at the beach
In 2014 I choose to add a LifeProof Fre waterproof case to go with my iphone. After multiple trips to the beach, splashing around in fishing boats and sometimes just plain getting caught in summer pop-up rainshowers, I can relay that the waterproof case adds a measure of confidence for the outdoorsman who is on the go.
The Otterbox dry box is good for car keys, wallets, etc.
These LifeProof cases fit a multitude of cell phone styles too, like the popular Samsung Galaxy phones. The iphone case is very slim in profile, lightweight and its easy to install. A high risk factor for a smartphone is being dropped, causing the glass face to shatter, but the LifeProof case absorbs most drops and preserves the life of the phone. 
LifeProof Fre case adds freedom to your day
When it comes to LifeProof accessories, I like is their suction cup car mount, which holds the smartphone in place for maximum hands free use. I have found that the battery life new phones is much longer than in the past, and that even seldom use of a car charger can suffice to keep it fully charged, and the suction cup holder makes the car charging process very easy.
Are there other worthy smartphone cases on the market? You bet. Did you know that the popular OtterBox brand is actually part of the same company as LifeProof, which might explain their commitment to keeping smartphones dry and functional more than most. 

The Otterbox Pursuit dry box is a good option for safeguarding gear like key fobs, wallets, cell phones with no case and cleaning cloths for sunglasses. I picked out a size 40 dry box in clear and put it on the beach and watched while a wave came up to wet it, but the rubber o-ring and locking mechanism ensured that the contents stayed dry. 
A LifeProof case makes sense for me, though it may not for everyone, but the difference may be picking up your cell phone after a day at the beach and instead of a ringtone you hear that familiar monotone that comes from placing a conk shell to your ear. Can you hear me now?

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