Sunday, July 27, 2014

Exploring Edisto Island - Atwood Vacations

Checking In about my Rental Unit with Melanie Hamilton
My rental dock with view of Edisto Marina
One thing about visiting Edisto Island and Edisto Beach is that there are no hotels on the island. Visitors are all in the same boat when it comes to the need for a rental unit, whether it be a condo or a front row beach house. Fortunately for the public, there are several agencies to choose from, but it was Atwood Vacations that listened to my needs for the Governor's Cup week, where I hoped to mix business and pleasure on this Sea Island in the Lowcountry. My requests included being close to the Edisto marina for work each day of the event Wednesday thru Saturday, and to have access to a dock so that I might try my luck at fishing and crabbing during the day with my family. They were able to pinpoint a rental unit that fit my needs from one of their many rental units on Edisto, and we ended up being second row from the beach as well with a beach access trail almost across the street. When considering which agency to choose on Edisto you can take a look at things like longevity, and though Atwood Vacations is under new ownership for the past three years, they are celebrating their 60th anniversary in 2014. Furthermore, when it comes to the customer service issues that will arise concerning rental units and scorching hot summer weather, I can report that Atwood Vacations performs well in this department, with plenty of personal communication from the owners and their service contractors. Everyone's time is limited when visiting the beach, and we value our freedom just a bit more when trying to squeeze in one more walk along the pristine sand dunes while gazing out at the boats in St. Helena Sound. In addition to service, the Explore Edisto magazine that each customer is given upon arrival highlights which businesses on the island to reach out to when renting bikes or going to a restaurant. Little things like this local information can make family decisions about what activity to do next a little smoother, especially when sunburned skin and wear and tear from the heat are in play, so Thanks Atwood!
Lots of Edisto knowledge at Atwood
Atwood employees at their sponsor tent
at the Governor's Cup Tourney

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