Thursday, February 19, 2015

2015 SEWE - Miller Collection features Wildlife Carvings

Sunbird by Marc Schultz is a stunning piece of wood carving
Each year the SE WIldlife Expo brings something new to the experience and even seasoned SEWE attendees must keep their eyes peeled. In 2015 it was the eye-popping wooden sculptures of avian subjects in the Miller Collection that had visitors gushing with appreciation. 

Collector Doug Miller
Miller broughty a collection of jaw-dropping masterworks to show, he shared how he and his wife offered inspiration and financial support to some of the most talented carvers he encountered so that they would be better able to excel over time.

2015 SEWE Brochure
In short, Mr. Miller’s love for the art form of decorative bird carving, and his passion for collecting offers a win win for both artists and those who appreciate wildlife art. When I spoke to Mr. Miller he was certainly affable and polite, and I asked him if he knew the late artist Jim Foote, since I saw a bronze woodcock by Foote in his collection. “Yes, I knew Jim Foote very well, and to my knowledge that is his only woodcock bronze,” said Miller. “I bought several duck decoys from Foote at the same time, and he encouraged me to attend an International Decoy Carving Contest in 1972. The rest is history because that show changed my life, and I’ve been collecting ever since.”

A Best In World carving in the Miller Collection
Carver Marc Schultz created the Best of Show winner from the 1997 Northern Nationals. His depiction of the medium-sized sunbittern, which occurs in both Central and South America, is titled Sunbird and it is stunning from any viewing angle. Simply choosing a subject like the sunbird shows the artist’s confidence that even nature’s most expressive avian displays are possible to be interpreted, and Doug Miller wouldn’t have it any other way.

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