Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Yarborough Group is Bullish on Ballistics

Mac on the spotting scope tells Phil where to SEND IT!

Whether you are already comfortable pulling the trigger on a firearm or not, the Yarborough Group is ready to serve the needs of civilians. This core group of elite ex-military types are eager to provide assistance with scenarios from long-range shooting for deer, to home invasion and disaster training. The Yarborough Group ballistics brunch course teaches how to control body posture and breathing before gently pulling back on the trigger, and all courses include the most modern thinking when it comes to gun range safety and marksmanship.
Graduates of the Ballistics Brunch course
Gun owners without access to a private shooting range usually head to a gun shop or public range in order to fire their weapons. Varying levels of firearm safety and instruction can be found at the gun shops and customers pay for things like range time, instruction time, gun rental and ammo. With the Yarborough Group the customer gets an extraordinary exposure into the mindset of tactical training from modern day warriors.
My marksmanship training was very hands on and professional
Disaster courses that are available from Yarborough Group include Basic Survival, Advanced Survival, Basic Trauma Medicine I and II, Improvised Medicine and Home Defense I and II. Tactical training courses include carbine fundamentals, pistol fundamentals, advanced pistol and ladies only pistol fundamentals – all of which can be offered at a private instruction course. Of course the instructors can travel to a location agreeable to all parties, and for the ballistics course we met at a private gun range in the ACE Basin.
Shooting Bench ready for next pupil
When I was tasked with shooting alongside these highly trained individuals known commonly as Special Operators it was the end of deer season so we focused on rifle shots from 100-yards on out to 300-yards. Long Range Marksmanship Instructor Mac took me through a safety talk before we ever loaded the .308 bolt-action sniper rifle that I would use. All the Yarborough Group instructors are young, but they have served with distinction, and Mac once won the All-Army Sniper Competition.

Spending time on a range with these gents is a great way to educate about gun safety and shooting accuracy. The Yarborough Group is named after a ceremonial knife that is awarded to those who complete Special Forces training, but they understand that not everyone is comfortable on a gun range and they welcome any skill level to utilize their services. For a listing of their group courses and upcoming classes visit the Internet at Yarborough Group.

To read the entire feature article in the newspaper click on Charleston Mercury.

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