Thursday, February 26, 2015

Quail Season finale at White Point Plantation

Beautiful place to be in the field hunting quail
Continuing a tradition of hunting quail right up until the end of quail season, which is Feb. 28 on private lands, I traveled to southernmost Charleston County. The sedge grass covered fields at White Point Plantation were the setting for a clear and cold morning of hunting over three pointing dogs. There has been so many gloomy days in February that the entire month seemed so, but this final hunt for 2015 was under blue skies and surrounded by the maritime beauty of majestic live oaks and palmetto trees.

A few cock birds from the day's harvest
Hunting partner Babe Hiott and hunt guide Seborn Rogers brought the dogs owned by Mark Steedley. After getting the ATV trailer unstuck from a muddy pothole we were able to enjoy the hunt. All along the hunting ground were ditches and hedgerows that serve to keep the sea islands well-drained even during the wet times of winter. The quail flushed in the open areas, but if a missed shot occurred then the birds tended to get into the thicker hedge areas. After that, it took more than dog power to get them to fly again.
Babe Hiott with Seborn Rogers and GSP

While we were blessed to be hunting in the shadow of Edisto Island, we were mindful of the recent passing of Edisto Beach Mayor Burly Lyons, who was an avid quail hunter himself. Hiott, Steedley and Rogers all had the privilege to hunt with Lyons, while I never knew of his affinity for Gentleman Bob. When we connected with our feathery targets on our good shots this day, it was a salute to all those who went before us in the field. For the missed shots, we were able to keep walking ahead to locate that next covey or to track down singles, and at the end of the day... to begin waiting for the next quail season to arrive.

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