Thursday, April 9, 2015

2015 Masters Tournament - Traditions and Lingo

Masters Patron wearing hat pins - Photo by Sam Greenwood
If you live in America and play golf then the Masters Tournament is likely the golf venue at the top of your list to visit. If you expand that definition to encompass the entire globe, then Augusta National could be challenged by St. Andrew’s in Scotland, the birthplace of golf. Given that you don’t need a passport, or an expensive airline ticket to travel from the Lowcountry to Augusta, then the Masters seems preferable. Badges, Patrons, Green Jackets and Amen Corner all make The Masters lore a continuation of familiar tradition each year.

As a veteran reporter from The Masters I can relay that in many instances the television and virtual coverage is better than actually being present. Masters galleries are jam packed with patrons and unless you are taller than most it can be hard to see around others to glimpse a small white ball rolling along the undulating surface of the green. On the other hand, a walk around the golf course at The Masters is filled with intangible factors such as beautiful birdsong and surreal surroundings at Amen Corner.

The Masters is much more than just the lowest score after four days of competitive golf, it’s the pageantry of golf rolled into one week, one major, one perfect setting. The majority of the script is written, except for which pro golfer will navigate through the traditions of Augusta National to claim a piece of history and slip on the green jacket reserved only for a Masters Champion. While the PGA Tour will resume the following week at Hilton Head, and then steadily play on through the calendar year, only one player can win The Masters at Augusta in springtime and it usually does not disappoint.

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