Saturday, April 18, 2015

2015 Charleston Race Week - Saturday Slowdown

Offshore Racing on Friday
Original Saturday Race Week Schedule
A stalled weather front has parked a low pressure system off the north coast of South Carolina, leaving Charleston in the doldrums - with little or no wind. Due to these extreme conditions the inshore races for Saturday morning have been postponed for two hours by Race Director Randy Draftz. Everyone is hoping that enough will build in for the afternoon session of races. After covering Charleston Race Week for multiple years, it is rare that racing gets canceled because of too much wind, but too little wind is another matter. Slick calm water and dense fog draped across the City of Charleston are sure signs of windless conditions. Saturday racing should begin by 1 p.m. if the heating of the day allows for a breeze to fill in.

For a full weather forecast of sailing conditions click on Sail Flow.

As the afternoon went on the skies cleared and the wind did pick up allowing for a very late 3 p.m. start for some afternoon racing (click for video). It was a long day of waiting for most sailors and Sunday's forecast looks much more promising, with the CRW Awards scheduled for 4 p.m. Sunday Afternoon.

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Day One Awards photo from Friday Night

Flat calm conditions on Saturday morning 
 from the ocean course, photo by Capt. Mike Waller

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