Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lowcountry Saltwater Fishing Report - 4/7/2015

Fishing Report for the Coastal Lowcountry of South Carolina:
Nice slot redfish
Inshore Report: Simon Owens from Haddrell's Point West shares that the water temperature is warming up and so is the spring bite. Smaller baitfish have started to show up and this is often the best sign that the fish are about to turn on. If you have ever cruised around Charleston Harbor looking for bait in early springtime, then you might be a fisherman! In deeper channels, the first menhaden are also being reported. Redfish schools have started to break up and they will become more structure oriented. A chunk of mullet on a circle hook thrown under a dock is a good bet right now. SIMON SAYS - Don't be afraid to put a cast under a dock you've never fished before while searching for the redfish.

Don't overlook oyster rakes for spotted seatrout and redfish too. Floating a live shrimp under a popping cork can help anglers to cover the water while seeking a mixed bag bite. Artificials are still working too so try a DOA shrimp or a VUDU bait under a cork as well. Try the float rig on sides of the oyster rakes  that have a channel and switch to a mud minnow to induce a strike from a flounder, with several flatfish making appearances on social media photos this year already. Again, don't be shy about prospecting new oyster rakes when you come across them. For the latest seminar information visit the Internet at Haddrell's Point.

Offshore Report: Simon's customers are bringing wahoo back from the deep blue waters off our coast with regularity. Fish in 200 to 400-feet of water and be ready for a few blackfin tuna and dolphin to be in the mix. Within a month from now, the mahi run should be on fire, so be sure to stock up on your ballyhoo now. Also, billfish lures from Black Bart and Fathom need to be rigged up and tuned up ahead of the 2015 Governor's Cup Billfishing Series.

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