Thursday, April 30, 2015

2015 Criterium Cycling Race - Speed Week

13 years in a row - Woo Hoo!!
Race Starts are always an exciting time
The 13th Annual Pro Cycling bike race that is a part of the CRITS Speed Week rolled through downtown Walterboro on April 29. Heavy morning rains dropped 1.5-inches and threatened the event, but the weather let up in the afternoon and despite a one-hour delay to the start time, all of the races were completed before darkness set in. When the streets were closed off to traffic and lined with barricades at 3 p.m. it was still raining, and that may have had an impact on fan turnout. There just wasn't as many onlookers as in past years due to the dreary weather, leaving plenty of elbow room for the diehard bike racing fans. The number of sponsors keeps growing each year and a fine VIP area is run by committee members like Jeffrey Herndon, and they serve a catered supper from Rizer's Pork and Produce complete with strawberries from Breland Farms. These factors help remind attendees of the rural nature of Colleton County and the blessings of natural resources found locally.

Tight Turn - notice the hay bales rigged for impact
This is a competitive event!
The pro bike racers are traveling all week in order to pursue their passion and they began in Georgia over the weekend, before coming to the Lowcountry to race in N. Charleston on Tuesday and Walterboro on Wednesday. The Walterboro Race seems to have remained the most steady venue for CRITS since they often switch up racing locations in other years, with Walterboro always falling mid-week so that the event can grow. This is good clean fun in the outdoors, and yes a little rain can fall, but  it does the community and the racers good to gather in the name of sport during this annual event. To view the race results click here.

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