Thursday, October 8, 2015

2015 Brunswick Islands - Holden Beach

Black Sea Bass from Lockwood Folly River
My stay at Holden Beach in Brunswick County, North Carolina was a pleasant surprise as I found a family-owned style of beach. The locals tend to be families that have lived in the area for multiple generations, and the owners that hail from far away Northern states must also favor family style vacations. You won't find any high rise apartment buildings here, just a long straight stretch of barrier island with large and modern beach houses on it.
The Provision Company restaurant sits on the ICW behind Holden Beach and that’s where I had their specialty, and my first ever – shrimp burger. Gotta love eating fresh seafood while at the beach, just not sure how they get the curly pink creatures into a perfect patty. I don’t think this creation even makes the famous Forrest Gump list of shrimp delicacies, but it was delicious.

Provisions Co. lunch for a crowd!
We left for a fishing trip straight from the Provisions Co. dock on a 31-foot Contender boat named King Creecher and owner by Capt. Al Fulford. He steered us into the Lockwood Folly River up to Varnamtown, but the fish simply were not biting. I did reel in a small black sea bass but the N.C. favorites like flounder and redfish were not to be found. The inlet between Holden Beach and Oak Island had all the hallmarks for a productive fishery, based on my past experience at places like the North Edisto Inlet and other locales in the Lowcountry.

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My first ever blackened Shrimp Burger - So Good!!

Holden Beach rental property called Pinch Me!

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