Thursday, October 22, 2015

2015 Quail Preserve Season Opens - Southeast Outdoor Press in Eufala

Owner / Guide Keith Wade in heavy bird woods
A harvested Bobwhite quail makes a striking subject
The season for quail hunting preserves runs from October through the end of March, but warm weather can deter hunters in early October. With much more seasonal weather coming, the call of the bobwhite quail and the sight of a bird dog on point are enough to make any wingshooter ready to hunt. Hunters continue having difficulty finding enough wild quail for hunting purposes, but they continue to own bird dogs and intend to carry on upland hunting traditions passed down through the generations.  This makes quail preserve hunting a good option for upland enthusiasts.
Guides assist hunters to get into proper position
At a recent meeting of the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA) at Lake Eufala, Alabama I visited one such quail preserve for a hunt. The Piney Woods Hunting Lodge is family-owned and run by Keith Wade, and it consists of about 450-acres of rolling terrain. Piney Woods Creek bisects the property, and the associated backwater is just one of the scenic vistas this visitor found, including an old barn in the woods that provided a sense of small farm authenticity.
Polly Dean and Jill Easton - with trophy bass lake behind
“We serve fresh quail with biscuits and tomato gravy to all our first time visitors,” said Wade. Pouring four mason jars of tomato preserves into a large black iron skillet, it was Wade himself who prepared the meal, and we learned a little about Alabama hospitality at supper that evening. They keep it simple and they aim to please.

Alabama Black Belt Adventures hosted a welcome reception and dinner at Shorter historic mansion in downtown Eufala for SEOPA.  Over the next couple of days, many went freshwater fishing at the Eufala National Wildlife Refuge and the fish were biting great. This was my first visit to the Quail Trail in Alabama and was glad to find it located near to the Georgia state line, and just close enough to tempt a return visit.

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