Wednesday, October 7, 2015

2015 Brunswick Islands - Sunset Beach / Kindred Spirit Mailbox

Making an entry to the log book at Kindred Spirit mailbox
Travelling to the southernmost coastal county in North Carolina I found myself in familiar territory. Not only did a walk down SunsetBeach lead me back to South Carolina, but also the natural setting reminded me of our beloved Edisto Beach. A series of pristine barrier islands runs between Myrtle Beach and Southport, N.C. making Brunswick County a favorite destination for beachgoers.

Look closely to see the S.C. state line near L.R. Inlet
About two miles down the beach from the parking lot of the Sunset Beach Fishing Pier, is the Kindred Spirit mailbox. Located inside the nature preserve and up in the dunes, this mailbox was first conjured up and erected in 1981. Inside the mailbox are journals and pens available to anyone who makes the trek this far down the beach. Visitors are invited to sit on a lone bench and to write whatever they are feeling, thus tapping into the spirit of solitude at the beach.
Sunshine, sand dunes, bench and American flag mark the spot
The Kindred Spirit mailbox has become so popular since then that it has its own team of volunteers and many of the completed journals are on display at UNC Wilmington. I can report that the mailbox was toppled during this weekend’s record rainfall and high tides, but then was salvaged and replaced for future visitors to utilize. The notes in the journals range from tales of joy to the depths of despair, and taking time to read a variety of entries before adding your own, can add perspective to your outlook on life.

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Sunset Beach Fishing Pier

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