Saturday, October 10, 2015

2015 Brunswick Islands - Oak Island

Kayaking behind Oak Island during blood moon high tides
We climbed Oak Island Lighthouse - as seen from the Atlantic Ocean
Staying just one night at Oak Island, I was fortunate to be in a beachfront rental house. From that location I was able to take in a wide array of activities without leaving the island again - at least not by auto. Using a kayak guide service we paddled behind the island in the spartina marsh looking for elusive wildlife like marsh hens. Later we climbed the 131 steps to the top of the Oak Island Lighthouse, which offers panoramic views of SouthPort to the North.

Departing from the South harbour Marina I was able to go in front of Oak Island to fish in what locals call the Hot Spot - where outflow from a nearby nuclear power plant spills into the Atlantic. We did not have any luck fishing, but the U.S. Open King Mackerel fishing tournament is held each year in this same proven location.

Believe it or Not - This is Shrimp and Grits - from Island Way
Heading back to port we passed right by the waterfront section of Southport and saw many famous landmarks from the motion picture Safe Haven that was filmed in town. Just as in S.C., the once vibrant shrimping industry in Southport has been replaced by the more reliable income of tourism. Lots of dockside restaurants, maritime culture, and scenic vistas caught my attention like the Fishy Fishy Café at the marina, which is now on my Brunswick bucket list.

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Just another bite for Yeah Right Charters

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