Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Twenty Season Cycles in the Outdoors

The Camp Fire at Turkey Run Farm beckons
The season cycle is just a part of the outdoors experience, and the calendar reads that we are now into winter. With just a few weeks left to harvest a white-tailed deer, and plenty of game bird seasons open during the Christmas holiday, hunters will have plenty of sporting options. Five years ago when I started writing my Lowcountry Outdoors column for the Colletonian newspaper, I sensed that the newspaper with a positive outlook would be well received by local readers. From the ACE Basin and agriculture, to farming for wildlife, the outdoor pursuits over the past twenty season cycles are recorded weekly on my blog.

Something new in the last calendar year are my weekly radio chats about the outdoors with DJ Miles Crosby. This new opportunity began when the local radio station in Walterboro was restarted, so tune into I93.7 FM on Wednesday mornings at 7:50 and Fridays at 8:40 for the audio report. And look for the Colletonian newspaper outdoors coverage to continue in print, on the air and via the Internet in 2016.

In many cases the pursuit of any hunting or fishing story includes a site visit to a certain function, and it is during these workdays that some of the more scenic spots around the Lowcountry are revealed to me. Keeping a sharp eye out for any photo opportunities along the way is a proven and worthy endeavor.

Not everyone is immersed in the outdoors as I am, and it is rewarding to receive feedback from these demographics too. For instance, ladies over 60 years of age have told me that they read my column because it reminds them of their late husband or perhaps another loved one they remember fondly. As the calendar year rolls over to 2016, I look forward to to covering the natural resources in the Lowcountry and around the state, including current events in the realm of conservation.

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