Wednesday, December 23, 2015

School is now in Session for Small Game

Small Game Quail Harvest from 12/19/2015
Nothing is better than the extended holiday hunting season for those who pursue small game. An extra morning or afternoon of hunting time can provide the continuity necessary to achieve the desired results.. Not every hunt goes off as planned, and success can be hard to find, but persistence pays off. Rabbit and quail hunters have  a new opportunity to contribute as outdoor reporters to SCDNR about what they are seeing in the field regarding game populations and harvests.

What is wonderful about small game hunting is that our canine companions play such an important role in these hunts. Bird dogs are absolutely essential to the plans for any quail hunt, and beagles are renowned for their durability during a day of rabbit chases. Coon hounds will gladly tree their prey in any type of woodland environment, and squirrel dogs help to push the bushy tails into view for the sharpshooting small game hunter.

The big news in small game this year is the uptick in rabbit populations. SCDNR works with recreational sportsman to record data like number of rabbits jumped, number of rabbits harvested, and the species encountered. The results from last year’s 2014 – 15 rabbit season indicate a moderate increase in rabbits jumped and rabbits harvested. In other good news, rabbit hunters also reported increases in inadvertent flushing of quail and woodcock.

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