Wednesday, December 9, 2015

2015 Christmas Wish List - Lifeproof Nuud Case and Life Jacket

The Life Jacket keeps your phone afloat
Smart phones are more common now than ever, but their price tag remains high. Outdoor apps for weather, mapping and much more make them very useful in the field but who wants to worry about the effects of water or dirt when using them. I can recommend a Lifeproof waterproof case as the easy answer to eliminate all such worries. The Nuud case I have allows the user to actually touch the actual screen of my iphone, while the remainder of the phone is encased in a waterproof barrier touted as capable of being briefly submerged.

I won’t be swimming with my Lifeproof case anytime soon, but I never hesitate to be outdoors with it while it is raining. Likewise, during any dry and dusty times such as planting season, the phone has fallen onto the dirt on many occasions and never suffered any consequences. I can recommend cleaning off the part of the case that covers the camera lens occasionally, but other than that it’s almost silly how functional this case can be. To see more about extreme uses of the Lifeproof family of cases be sure to check out their page on Facebook.

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