Saturday, February 13, 2016

2016 SEWE Features Jungle Jack Hanna

Welcome Back Mr. Jungle Jack!
After two years of renovations the Gaillard Center is once again open for business, and it's concert hall is the primary location for TV celebrity Jack Hanna to give his educational presentations to SEWE fans. Jungle Jack was last in town back in 2014, and his first show at 2 p.m. on Friday was to a packed house of wildlife and animal lovers, that were whipped into a frenzy by local emcee Josh Marthers. A autograph meet and greet session took place immediately prior to the show, so that Jack could greet his well wishing public followers.

Hanna talks about crocs and gators
As in past years, some of the animals on stage were from Hanna's Columbus Zoo affiliation and some were from the Busch Wildlife Center in Florida. Hanna mixes some short video clips from his TV show called Into The Wild with informative talks about each of the critters that are brought onstage. Hanna made a side by side comparison of a small alligator and crocodile so that the audience would understand the difference between the two, and then he would relay a story about how he saw a life-sized croc or gator from his round the world pursuits. 

Cute Serval Cats entertain guests
A penguin and a pelican represented the avian world on stage, as Jack professes a love for all creatures. He also shared with the audience that he thought SEWE was the equivalent of the Super Bowl when it comes to wildlife art shows, and that he knows because he's been to many of them during his long and distinguished career. He also took a moment to thank now retired David Letterman for the 100 times that he was on TV with him, raising awareness for wildlife. The big finish to the Jungle Jack Hanna talk included a pair of serval cats and a full-grown cheetah! 

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It takes two handlers to bring out the CHEETAH!

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