Wednesday, February 3, 2016

SEWE features 2016 S.C. Jr. Duck Stamp Winners

Best Of Show by 17-year old student from Conway, S.C.
2016 First Runner Up - American Wigeon
With the arrival of Valentine’s Day weekend, the 34th edition of the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE) takes place in Charleston. While some venue changes are on tap for the 2016 Expo, much of the three-day format remains unchanged. A winning combination for waterfowl enthusiasts to look for is the S.C. Junior Duck Stamp competition exhibit, featuring artwork from all ages of students, plus the conservation message category that resonates with those who love wetlands and all the wildlife found there.
2016 SEWE art poster
The Bet of Show winner for the 2016 S.C. Jr. Duck Stamp competition was announced on January 25, with the top honors going to a 17-year old girl from Conway. Stephanie Branton’s depiction of a Lesser Scaup swimming on the water shows depth and composition, bringing distinction to Oak Street Academy where she attends school. This entry and the top three winners from each grade will be on display at SEWE, with congratulations going to all those who were recognized in the honorable mention category.

Even the most veteran outdoors enthusiast will enjoy the conservation messages on display from our S.C. students. The K through 3rd grade kids like to rhyme saying “Clean up your muck, protect the duck” and “Don’t let the duck swim in the muck, clean up the yuck.” The entries from grades 4 – 6 relay a bit more saying “Conservation is important to me because I like to see the colorful creatures” and “Let’s work together so the ducks have a great home.” And who can argue with the 12-year old that says “Saving our environment is like winning the lottery – its valuable, rich and amazing.”

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