Sunday, February 19, 2012

SEWE Soiree / Sunday

Shagging at the SEWE Soiree
The 30th anniversary of the SouthEastern Wildlife Exposition ended Sunday on a soggy note, with an all night rain leaving the outdoor venues soaked. Those SEWE patrons that ventured out found plenty of elbow room at Brittlebank Park and Marion Square, while the main body of patrons headed indoors to the Mills House, Charleston Place and the Francis Marion Hotel. The rain began on Saturday night about the same time that wild game was being served for supper in various locales in the Holy City. At the SEWE Soiree the menu called for quail legs, chili, barbecue ribs and everyone enjoyed the pig pickin' stations. The weather called for outdoor clothes Saturday night and Sunday, the same type of clothes that outdoor enthusiasts love to dress in. The world class wildlife art festival enjoyed a successful Pearl Anniversary!!

Jason Fowler holds Birdie for Diana Westerman

Wood ducks buzz the cypress

These gals loved making me laugh at the SEWE Soiree
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  1. Are all the pictures from the Soiree going to be posted?

  2. The others are heading for the Out & About section of the March 8 edition of the Charleston Mercury!


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