Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 Lowcountry Redfish Cup - Charleston

Team Grateful Reds with their first place check

Organizer Brian Rose addresses the crowd at Red's Ice House

Clayton Crawford and Patrick Crawford took home $500 for fifth place

This is the third year of the Lowcountry Redfish Cup
The first event of the 2012 season of the Lowcountry Redfish Cup was held in Charleston on February 4. Three more regular season tourneys are to follow in Beaufort, Charleston and Hilton Head, before a finals competition will be held to award a grand prize 18-foot ShallowSport boat with a yamaha motor on a Wesco trailer! (grand prize compliments of Butler Marine) A captain's meeting was held at Red's Ice House on Shem Creek and 62 two-man teams registered to fish the one-day tournament. The top five places receive a cash prize and with the high number of entrants the first place prize was a whopping $6000! The first 30 boats were to check in at Charleston Harbor Marina at 6:45 a.m. on Saturday, with the next 30 checking in at 7 a.m. Only artificial baits are allowed during the Lowcountry Redfish Cup, and competitors are to stay in their boats no matter what during fishing. Competitors can carry three slot-limit redfish in their livewell but only 'natural tails' are accepted at the weigh-in since the very precise measurement system involves a consistency in redfish tails. Daybreak on Saturday saw flat calm conditions in the Charleston Harbor with mild temperatures and a low tide around 10:30. By noon however the wind had kicked up, and the weigh-in at Charleston Harbor Marina began at 3:30. After all the teams weighed their redfish, it was Team Grateful Reds in FIRST PLACE with the $6 grand paycheck and a bonus $2 grand for having the largest redfish weighed in at 4.65-pounds! SECOND PLACE went to Team Arrogant and Shabby, THIRD PLACE went to M & M Fishing, FOURTH PLACE went to Team Geechee Rose, and FIFTH PLACE went to Team Allure. A new category for redfish with most spots went to Richard Stoughton for his small redfish that had 66 spots!!

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  1. What happened to teams placing 2, 3 , 4? Why would you have a photo of the winners and then skip to the fifth place team? Patrick and Clayton are great guys, but others paid their money, won a larger payout and should be recognized.

  2. The other top five places are recognized in my text. Thanks for your comments. Running everyone's photo is just not practical on my blog, and that goes for each and every event that I cover. Hope you'll understand and stay with Lowcountry Outdoors!


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