Sunday, February 14, 2016

2016 SEWE Birds Of Prey Flight Demos

Three Harris Hawks are released from the top
of the Old Citadel to start the Demo!
What's better than being outdoors during the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition? How about standing in Marion Square Park as the Center for Birds of Prey flight demonstrations are going on overhead! Twice daily during SEWE these majestic birds serve to educate attendees about the role they play in the environment. Habitat conservation can make a real difference for birds in the wild like the Swallow-Tailed Kite and these efforts raise awareness for many raptors.

The wingspan of the Black Vulture is impressive 
The show gets going when three Harris Hawks are summoned from the top of the Old Citadel building (now Embassy Suites) and down into the heart of the gathered crowd at the demonstration area. Longtime emcee Stephen Schabel used the microphone to explain where the hawks are native to and what type of behavior to expect from them. As the variety of birds changed from vultures to owls, then falcons to kites - then so did their flight patterns. Seeing is believing and to say that many SEWE guests set their clocks by these flight demos is not an understatement.

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Barred Owl in flight

A staffer lures a falcon to hunt by twirling a dummy

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