Saturday, February 13, 2016

2016 SE Wildlife Expo Begins - Hunter's Habit Exhibit

Mallard Decoys from the 1930's
with real feathers!
Several venue changes reshaped the look and feel of the SouthEast Wildlife Exposition, which allowed for the Charleston Museum to join the SEWE footprint with their Hunter's Habit Exhibit. This collection of hunting firearms and accoutrements appeals to those who view hunting as a heritage that needs to be celebrated. The Charleston Mercury newspaper was able to host a reception in conjunction with the Charleston Museum on Thursday Feb. 10 from 5 -7 for sporting enthusiasts.

Signage at the exhibit states "Lowcountry residents have had a long history of interactions with their environment. Since settlers arrived in Charleston in the late seventeenth century, they were quick to recognize the abundance of game that inhabited the area including turkey, boar, deer, bear and numerous species of waterfowl." The pursuit of wild game allowed for craftsmanship to play a role in the firearms that these sportsman used, and some of the vintage guns on display still bear the engraver's name.

More photos will appear in the March 2016 edition of The Charleston Mercury.

A collection of vintage .22-caliber rifles

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These prized and valuable shotguns are kept under glass

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