Sunday, October 30, 2011

2011 Red October Surf Fishing tourney

Danny Leitner caught a bunch of big redfish in the surf

Johnny Saboe shows determination in the surf zone 
Saboe gets some assistance to release the winning fish

High and Dry - and waiting for Sea Tow
On Saturday October 29 a great tradition of the Lowocuntry continued with the annual Red Drum surf fishing tourney. The usual suspects headed up to Bull's Bay and other secret locations to try their luck for big bull reds caught in the surf zone. A cold front combined with a wide-swinging tide made for challenging conditions but the redfish were biting despite the elements! First place went to 9-year old youth angler Johnny Saboe for his 46-inch monster red drum - congrats!! Saboe was a member of Team Durant who along with Danny (big head) Leitner was able to 'colt the game' by taking home all the prizes. Leitner took second place with his 45-inch red drum, and he also scored the aggregate with redifsh measuring 45-inches, 44-inches, 43-inches and 42-inches respectively. A hard luck award went to Soc Durant who had to wait for the tide to come back in when his boat became stranded high and dry that day. Anthony Noury at Sea Tow told me that a record number of boats became stranded this day due to the front and the tides working together!

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