Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lowcountry Fishing Report 10/11/11

Here's my latest Fishing Report for the Coastal Lowcountry of South Carolina in the Charleston Mercury.

Fortunate to be fishing at Capt. Sam's Inlet for spot-tailed bass with Captain John Ward of Affinity Charters, we found the bait stealers were out this day as we fished heavy structure, and the wear and tear on the terminal tackle required lots of re-rigging. Thankfully we were armed with the new Boomerang tool products which made the task a little easier. The Big Catch pliers has a stainless construction and its tungsten cutters easily handled the Power Pro braided line that Capt. Ward prefers. Also the Boomerang SNIP offers fingertip-control when it comes to rounding off mono knots. Both tools come with a retractable leash that gives them their namesake, greatly reducing the chance of losing the pliers overboard - Great idea!!

A slot-limit redfish comes to the landing net
The new Boomerang BIG Catch pliers cuts braided line just fine

PhotoByAndrewCebulka: Boomerang SNIP at work
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  1. I will take that pan dressed and shipped in ice. Could I have it by tomorrow, it looks yummy!!! Ginger

  2. No keepers this day, but it is rare that we don't release our fish anyway in an effort to practice catch and release!


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