Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Youth angler from Edisto takes on redfish tours

Caleb and Ron Davis / Team Too Sweet at Shem Creek
3rd Place / Team Too Sweet - Savannah IFA

Caleb Davis is officially glad to be done with the school year in Walterboro - so he can concentrate on his education where it concerns saltwater fish!! Caleb, age 15, fishes with his father in the two-man team competitions for redfish. Caleb's grandfather invented the Chatter Bait, and father Ron is also busy making proto-type lures that their Team Too Sweet can cast for redfish, trout and flounder. Anyone at the docks on redfish tour dates can see that the competition is mainly between grown men, with only a token youth or lady angler. But Caleb Davis is the exception to that rule, since he already has the experience of fishing in several of these events. Team Too Sweet just finished 11th in the Charleston IFA event, which backed up there 3rd place finish in the Savannah IFA event - gaining valuable points at each stop in the IFA Atlantic Division. When I was able to interview Caleb Davis for a feature article in All At Sea magazine, he was as personable on the phone as he had been at the boat ramp. I doubt there is anyone out in the South Edisto River who is 'practicing' harder than Caleb Davis to become a better angler! To read my interview with Caleb Davis click All At Sea.
Caleb Davis is after 'dem redfish!
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2nd Place / Team Too Sweet - Beaufort Redfish Cup

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