Friday, June 8, 2012

2012 World Oceans Day - June 8 / Rigs to Reefs

June 8 is becoming known around the globe as World Oceans Day, and it makes quite a lot of sense to manage marine resources on a global scale. While there are plenty of positive examples of how concerned citizens are stewarding the world's oceans, recreational anglers are providing leadership when it comes to preserving artificial reefs in the Gulf. These artificial reefs are in fact oil rigs, some of which have been in place a decade or more, and have grown into mini-ecosystems that support marine life. The leaders of conservation efforts on behalf of these of recreational anglers have drafted a letter to the Department of the Interior, asking for a moratorium on their Idle Iron Policy. For more information on the current events in the Gulf concerning oil rigs, consult Rigs to Reefs. Guy Harvey and Aftco have come up with a Rigs To Reefs t-shirt design, and each sale will generate a $2 donation to the Coastal Conservation Association.
If you can't get on the water today for World Oceans Day, then make a note to appreciate the resource for the sake of future outings - and Good Luck Fishing! To view past blog entries about World Oceans Day click here.

Guy Harvey's Rigs to Reef t-shirt design

Guy Harvey Magazine Insider  battles a dolphin

SouthEastern Wildlife Expo supports ocean conservation

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