Friday, March 13, 2015

2015 Battle Of Broxton Bridge - Living History Day

Frontiersman with coonskin hat,
turkey feather arrow and rattlesnake longbow
Tools found at blacksmith shop
Day One of the Sesquicentennial or 150th Anniversary of the Battle Of Broxton Bridge was dubbed a Living History Day. There was no charge for admission to the plantation grounds and busloads of school kids began arriving at 9 a.m. from four different counties for a field trip back in time. At different learning stations the groups of kids were told about a wide range of subjects from frontier living, the Hunley submarine and everyone's favorite - loud cannons! New this year were three outbuildings that were constructed where Gen. Sherman had burned them down, so in an attempt to preserve history a post office, a blacksmith shop and a chapel are now open for reenactments at Broxton Bridge. Lving History day is also arrival day for many of the reenactors who have to set up their tents, give their horses hay and water, and begin setting the tone for the remainder of the weekend.
Sherman's Raid Map created on a tarp

Working hot stove at blacksmith shop
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Sesquicentennial Cake

 H.S. Hunley traveling exhibit
Confederate States of America - Post Office

New Chapel with chaplain reenactor

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