Wednesday, March 18, 2015

2015 Toyota 4Runner To Broxton Bridge and Meadow Wood

Neat sliding rear cargo deck option is good for sportsman
4Runner at the FCA Outdoors event in N.C.
The 2015 Toyota 4Runner 4X4 is a far cry from the very first 4Runner's, some of which are so durable that they are still on the road. The first 4Runner's were a pickup truck with a permanent camper shell, and they were quite capable 4-wheel drive vehicles. There has been a couple of design changes over the years which have kept the 4Runner so popular that it is hard to go for a drive and not see another 4Runner of some kind on the road or parked in a driveway. The 2015 Trail Premium V6 model has 4X4 but not all of the high end options that would come with a Limited model, and I ran the Barcelona Red 4Runner from the swamps of South Carolina to the foothills of North Carolina.

Civil War reenactors consult the map of Sherman's Raid
This 30th Anniversary 4Runner lists at $40,880 and sports a kinetic dynamic suspension system, and a neat sliding rear cargo deck with storage compartment underneath. The EnTune sound system and standard back-up camera make the center console a focus of attention. Lots of storage for drinks, cell phone and nicknacks are another positive of the roomy cabin. This 4X4 sits up high, so it takes getting a leg up just to get inside, and a short person might be challenged by this. No step rail is on this model, but that might be the likely solution for this issue. One of the best things about all 4Runner's have is the power back window, which goes nicely with a power moonroof for cruising along with good airflow.

CSA Post Office replica welcomes visitors the 4Runner
When I visited Broxton Bridge Plantation in Western Colleton County for the 150th Anniversary and Reenactment of the Battle Of Broxton Bridge, the Salkehatchie River was in flood stage. My plans to drive the 4Runner across the swamp had to be scuttled in favor of a drier ride along the edge of the swamp. The 4-wheel drive engaged easily and performed well, and I am grateful to survive this swamp test. The Living History day showed me that civilization has come a long way from frontiersman blazing trail to tourists driving out in 4Runner's to see how the rural countryside measures up against the concrete jungles in our cities.

Next up I loaded my over and under shotgun to head off to Meadow Wood Farm in Monroe, N.C. for a sporting clays shoot with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes(FCA). The Hank Parker Invitational in now in its 4th year and each year cold weather is part of the equation. With a 29-degree start and some light icing of the roads, I had very little to worry about with the heavy 4Runner just riding along fine. The gas milage rating for this vehicle is 18 miles per gallon, and that is about what I got during my ride on the Interstate to and from the event. Very nice SUV and I understand that the Toyota Sequoia is the largest SUV in their fleet.

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