Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Answer The Call - Where Turkey Hunting and Religion Mix

Answer The Call displayed on turkey feathers

It seems appropriate for the subject of religion and hunting to mix since the 2015 wild turkey season traditional opening day of March 15 falls on a Sunday. Office discussions on this matter will have a wide range this week with options like no turkey hunting on opening day, or maybe a quick hunt before church with an afternoon hunt optional. While another wet and cold winter likely means there will be plenty of quality turkey hunting in April, the Sunday opening day dilemma remains for the Lowcountry.
Only Game Zone Six, which covers the counties of Southeastern S.C., have the blessing of a March 15 season opener while the remainder of the state opens for turkey hunting on April 1. While outdoorsmen can make a strong argument that being outdoors on March 15 puts them in a place where the Creator intended them to utilize, the real world has its demands. For instance, most families usually attend church together, and some hunters may also be Sunday school teachers, deacons or even the preacher.
Local callmaker Geoff Burden of StrutBuster Turkey Calls has penned a devotional book that reflects on his experiences during turkey season that brought him closer to God. Answer The Call published in 2014 and explores the wit and wisdom gained from springtime endeavors in the turkey woods. Burden shares that he only came to know turkey hunting after he was a grown man, but that many of his hunts since then have made him to feel alive and present in the moment. Similar feelings are getting ready to be shared by other woodsmen as they set out to match wits with gobbling turkeys.

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