Saturday, March 14, 2015

2015 Battle Of Broxton Bridge - Reenactment Photos

Close Quarters Sword Skirmish
Union Cavalry Assembles
The Sesquicentennial or 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Broxton Bridge was carried out over two days. Scores of reenactors visited to take their place on the battlefield, with lots more women and children dressing the part just to keep the encampment more realistic. These battle photos come from small skirmishes fought ahead of the main battle, which is the way that I envision much of the encounters during Sherman's March playing out. The confederates certainly knew their swamp and how to defend it, but superior numbers with luxuries such as engineers and artillery helped the Union army win this battle near the end of the Civil War.

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Cavalry Campsite

Artist's Representation on Cross Cut Saw Blade

Don't forget the Saltketchers Regiment!

General with armed guard escort

Well-trained troops holding tight during skirmish

Smoky showdown in the woods - very realistic

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