Saturday, August 13, 2016

2016 S.C. Deer Season - Final Year Without Buck Limits

Make the 2016 deer season a year to remember
If you are a fan of increased regulation regarding deer management, then the good news is the Governor Haley signed some historical changes into law on June 8, 2016. And if you aren’t such a big fan of this type of deer management, then the good news is that the new laws won’t take effect during the 2017 deer hunting season. One last year for business as usual in for the Lowcountry, a part of SCDNR’s Game Zone Three, where the season opens on August 1 with no limit on antlered bucks.

If harvesting a buck in velvet is one of your season goals, then there are two ways to go. Many hunters will begin still hunting from their deer stands in July in order to pattern the bucks, which also facilitates minor maintenance like the clearing of shooting lanes and the identification of annual issues like rust or squeaks. Try to decide on which single buck you’d like to encounter on opening day, and then just sit back and watch until August 15.
The second method of pursuit is to set up a deer stand prior to opening day, but don’t hunt it until the day of your choice once the season is in. This method is for those who are less likely to require prior surveillance of any bucks on the property, and the hunter comes to the stand with an open mind about what they’d like to harvest. Sometimes you just can’t draw up a plan any better than going out and sitting one time and sort of let things happen.
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