Friday, August 12, 2016

S.C. Hunting License Proceeds and Deer Lottery Hunts

Young buck in the Lowcountry outdoors.
It’s hard to overstate the good things that happen when people purchase or renew their hunting license. Excise taxes come into play bringing federal dollars into South Carolina, and some monies go directly into management of thousands of acres by the S.C. Department of Natural Resources. A hunting license keeps one legal while exercising the freedom to hunt, and it also allows them the privilege of entering into a growing number of lottery draw hunts on these public lands.

There are now nine locations state wide for hunters to choose from for SCDNR public drawing deer hunts. In addition, the Webb Wildlife Management Area in Hampton County will offer an archery only hunting date in early November, which is prime time for rutting bucks along the Savannah River swamp. The application process is now handled online, with a deadline of August 19, and requires a $20 registration fee to apply.

Sure there are plenty of other deer hunting opportunities on public lands including other WMA’s and National Wildlife Refuge options too, but only the draw hunts guarantee a place to hunt when there is a limited amount of other hunters on the property. These hunts offer a range of choices when it comes to number of days to hunt and lodging options, so be sure to research the best fit for you. Most outdoorsman will say they are more interested in the hunt than any ancillary options, but it’s my experience to be smart and research what each hunt offers.

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