Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hot Weather Hog Dog Hunt Opportunity

August is time for some Hog Dog action!
A sport that in increasing in popularity very quickly is hunting feral hogs with packs of dogs. Hog Dogging has become all the rage with specialty gear, dedicated magazines and an enthusiasm that resembles coon hound enthusiasts. There are 25,000-acres of WMA land in Hampton County (Game Zone 3) that will be open for hunting hogs with dogs on August 25 – 27 for those who have a hunting license and a WMA permit. Bay and catch dogs do the work, before hunters move in for the kill.
Keep in mind that there is no still or stalk hunting, and pistols are the only firearms allowed on these hog dog hunts, which have proven to be one of the best tools available to reduce hog numbers. Since feral hogs have become so widespread, it only makes sense that the number of sportsmen willing to hog hunt with dogs on private lands will increase over time. These hog doggers are providing a valuable service that benefits the natural resources of S.C., and is a good example of how the heritage of hunting is worthy of praise and preservation.

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