Sunday, August 14, 2016

Guy Harvey Magazine - Risk and Reward Article

Story and Photo by Jeff Dennis,
Guy Harvey Magazine Insider
Reaching into previously restricted waters off of Cuba, the Dolphinfish Research Program saw anglers tag dolphinfish there in February for the first time. Hammond was able to partner with a sportfisher based in Charleston that would travel to Cuba under a special research permit issued from the U.S. government. The 56-foot Jarrett Bay named Jabez, owned by Carl Ulm, runs charters during summer months out of Toler’s Cover Marina. Captain Ben Polk and mate Joe West took the boat Charleston to Havana and made port at Marina Hemingway, where they met up with angler Cantey Smith.

Summer 2016 Issue - Cover Art
But what about the fishing pressure in Cuba? “We saw everything from long-liner boats to row boats, and they practice subsistence fishing in Cuba,” said Capt. Polk. “Even with some primitive fishing methods, I’d say they were very effective.” With Cuba and the U.S. sharing the same stock of dolphinfish, the fish tagged by the Jabez may reveal previously unknown dispersal patterns as the fish migrate, or they may reveal data that further cements accepted theories. More tagging will need to be done off Cuba over time, but the first ever chance at capturing this data is now swimming into the sea of fate.

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