Thursday, August 11, 2016

2016 S.C. Record Deer Antlers Database

Antler scoring includes measuring the total length of the tines
On August 5 the SCDNR published the entire S.C. Antler Record List on their website for the first time, releasing new stats and information from the program initiated in 1974. The antlers from any harvested buck can be scored and ranked via a system of measurements that captures data on mass and symmetry. Current minimum scores to make the record book in S.C. are 125 points for typical antlers and 145 point for a non-typical rack.

The antler record list is extensive and wildlife biologists are able to identify areas and counties that have produced record bucks over time. One statewide map generated by the study shows that counties along the Savannah River tend to be in the upper 50-percentile of the antler records. One would deduce that the hardwood trees and subsequent acorn crops might produce a steady stream of nutrition, which is one factor affecting maximum antler growth. Genetics and age also play a role in antler development and the study talks about how the records can routinely show upticks in antler records.
The same map shows how counties that border the coastline rank in the less than 50-percentile, with poor soli types being suspected. Scrolling through the antler record list on the SCDNR website is easy, and it reveals the county where each buck harvest came from, as well as the hunters name and the antler score. To view the database visit the Internet at SCDNR Record Deer Antlers.

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