Sunday, February 19, 2017

2017 SEWE Features Jeff Corwin

Jeff Corwin and a gopher tortoise
It had been 12 years since Jeff Corwin joined the flock at the SE Wildlife Expo, but when he took the stage at the Gailliard Center on Friday he gushed about what a positive experience it had been. He recalls attending the Gala and wishing that he had room back in his house for all of that fabulous art. Corwin is best known for his 20 years of educational television programming with a focus on marine life. He told a story about finding a snake in his family yard as a youth, a moment which served as a lightening rod that he was meant to become a naturalist.

Corwin answering questions in the audience
Corwin teamed up with the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary animals for the SEWE 2017 shows covering birds, reptiles and even a pair of foxes. Video clips from Corwin's career kept the audience up to date on his travels and he reeled off story after story from his wild adventures. At the end of his talk, Corwin acknowledged that some of the audience would want to leave for other SEWE events, but he stressed that he would stick around to answer any questions. He even ended up out in the audience during the Q & A session to give everyone an up close look about how much he cares about conservation.

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An alligator on the big screen educates 

Birds Of Prey with Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

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