Monday, February 20, 2017

2017 SEWE Birds Of Prey Flight Demos

Spectacled Owl
African Kite
European Falcon
Marion Square continues to remain an open green space in downtown Charleston despite renovations and new building going on on all four sides. The square is still well suited for large gatherings such as the finish of the Cooper River Bridge Run, and it remains perfect for the Center for Birds of Prey flight demos that educate SEWE patrons about conservation of raptors. There is no better exposure for an urban city dweller than an up close look at a raptor in free flight, and on all three days of the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition these birds perform without fail.
Three Harris Hawks Entertain The Crowd

The Center For Birds Of Prey also has a tent on site that houses other types of raptors that are not involved in flight demos, with staffers ready to answer questions for visitors about each bird. Some of these specimens might be recovering from an injury and no longer able to be released into the wild. Did you know that their campus in Awendaw houses a raptor hospital with a surgery suite? Stephen Schabel usually is the voice of the aerial displays, and he always asks for a youth volunteer to help with the show. It's family fun at its best, outdoors at SEWE.

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