Saturday, February 25, 2017

Late Season Hunt for Fowl, Fur and Feathers

Canada goose, snipe and rabbit from late Feb. 2017
With the end of February clearly in view, my crosshairs focus on the last chance hunt opportunity for small game. The special late season on Canada geese in South Carolina runs for two weeks during this same timeframe. Without a single hint of cool or cold temperatures in the weather forecast, snake boots are most definitely in order for the type of rambling hunt I would execute in search of late season game. My target species had beens scouted out over the past couple of weeks, but at the end of a morning jaunt around a watering hole and the adjacent wetlands, I brought back a mixed bag that illustrates the possibilities in your late season game bag.

When goose hunting, remember that you must have federal and state duck stamps, shoot non-toxic shotgun shells and observe proper shooting times. When a pair of wood ducks came in a lit on the the same wetland I was set up on for geese, it made me lament that the season for duck hunting had already expired. But when a pair of geese came in for a landing, I was able to peel one off and then move on to other pursuits. I had never combined these three species in one hunt before, but it can be interesting to see what each late season last chance hunt reveals. I'll be back for more in 2018!

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