Thursday, February 9, 2017

Woodland Management Course For Newbies

Clemson's Derrick Phinney counts rings on a pine tree core 
Photo By Jaime Polman
A one-day class for forest managers called The First Look is rolling out across South Carolina by the Clemson Cooperative Extension. A group of extension agents teaches the course that includes topics like benefits of proper forest management, wildlife management and the typical life cycle of a timber stand. The $50 fee for the class includes a field tour to view a young pine stand, plus a binder filled with useful information to take home for future reference. The First Look program raises awareness about how objectives in forest management can vary given site quality, soil index and individual goals.
Edisto REC located in Blackville
Stephen Polman leads the field trip
So far The First Look class has been taught in Greenville, Florence, Blackville and Columbia. Colleton County managers attended the January 26 class in Blackville at the Clemson Campus. Extension Agent Derrick Phinney is based in St. George and he oversees their state wide outdoor resources program. His powerpoint presentation addresses the differing values that woodlands provide including timber production, recreation, aesthetics, and even cost-share opportunities.

Carolina bay for pine trees?
“How much new land did they make last year in 2016,” said Phinney. His rhetorical question drives home the point that it’s important to be good stewards of any land holdings. “A ten-acre tract is enough land for me to say its important to be under a management plan. There are several ways to establish a written plan that will cover the life of a stand of trees, but first I like to share that the land manager has to be willing to put in their time for free at first, since the benefits like getting to know the land or a timber sale are often down the road a few years.”

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