Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fish Tailing Reds with Southern Tail Charters

Captain Graham Hegameyer tells Lowcountryoutdoors.com that the tailing tides have been spectacular recently, and he saw over 25 tails on Sunday July 5th. Prior to the Fourth of July his primary method of fishing was getting on the schooled-up reds a low tide. Most fish are running 6 to 10 pounds and double-headers a fairly common. He has caught 16-pound reds in as little as two feet of water back in a flat, and as deep as 60-feet of water. He also reports that he is ready to do some tarpon fishing. Good Luck Graham!

Photos By Southern Tail Charters: poling along the flats, a loonngg redfish, a deeply bent rod, and a bass tailing in the grass

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