Friday, July 31, 2009

Master Angler Conservation Citation

The Conservation Citation from SCDNR
The SCDNR's recreational angler tagging program was discontinued due to the weak economy in 2008, but but was re-started in October of 2012. Having been a cooperating angler for SCDNR for two decades, I have tagged and released many fish and have received their Conservation Citation in five years. The most recent year was 2008 when I tagged and released 32 eligible fish, and was awarded the citation for outstanding achievement in fisheries conservation from the SCDNR's Master Angler Program. Conservation is one of the tools that recreational fishermen can employ to ensure healthy stocks of fish in the future - and fish tagging also yields a lot of information for scientists regarding their life history. Tag and Release for the future of fishing!
Try to tag and release two fish at once if you can!!

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