Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pawley's Island 4th of July Parade - VIDEO

Spending the July 4th holiday in the arrogantly shabby niche between DeBordieau and Litchfield, sought to catch some flounder but instead picked up some puppy drum. Good thing the venison burgers came along as a back-up plan for the cookout on the 4th just in case the fisherman was not able to come through and provide some fresh flounder on cue. (Hey, those fish don't always cooperate!) After pausing for a moment to give thanks to all the troops that have helped protect our nation's freedom in the past and present - it was time to enjoy some light-hearted fun at the annual Pawley's Island 4th of July Parade.

Photos By Jeff Dennis: The Crab Pot float won the overall parade competition with both the truck and the "crab pot" filled with cheering crabs caught in the crab trap of fun that is Pawley's Island, The patriotic Elks Lodge float had Gals Gone Pawley's, and also the hippies of PawleysStock wished everyone Peace Love and Happiness

Video: Sanford's mistress, Pawley's peanuts, a vintage fire truck and a "bail out plan" float

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